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Our Business

Collection of microbiological specimens and Sample preparation equipment related business

Collection of cell subsections

A method for 1-cell gene expression analysis has been developed. People from various fields are interested in it. However, the challenge is how to collect cells or microdissections.

We provide the world's first system that automatically collects many microdissections from living tissues to analyze gene expression.

Previously, people used to collect cells manually. Recently, a device for automatically collecting floating cells has been put on the market. On the other hand, laser microdissections (LMD or LCM) are the mainstream for collecting tissue microdissections, but there are problems such as the high cost of the equipment and the fact that it can only be applied to slice sections.

The founders have participated in the new academic area "New Plant Sense" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, developed a simple system for collecting microdissections from plant tissues. It was successfully used for collecting microdissections from various plant samples. This system can also be used for animal tissues. You can specify the sampling position while watching the video image and punch the position with a punching hollow needle to capture microdissection.

We have further advanced this technology at Waseda University and completed it as a high-speed automatic sampling system. On the other hand, the subsequent sample preparation process was also automated based on a commercially available dispenser.

In this way, we have realized a system that has never existed before, which enables integrated processing from collection to sample preparation. This is the world's first system to automatically collect many microdissections from tissue to analyze gene as well as protein expressions.

1 Cell and site-specific gene expression analysis business

Gene analysis

In the search for causes of diseases and research on cancer, the importance of single-cell gene expression analysis and site-specific gene expression analysis is increasing.
We collaborate with universities to collect and analyze a large amount of data and provide the information.

Collaboration with universities


We will provide donated courses, introduce the latest technologies developed by universities and research institutes around the world, and strive to disseminate new technologies and develop advanced engineers. Through this, we will revitalize the domestic bio-related market.